drunkenness leads to bad form


otp challenge: 9/10 scenes - Oliver and Chloe - Smallville 9.05 Roulette 


What kind of character would you never want to play ?

My shirt. Not a ton of screen time.

Part 2/3

People have these vigilantes all wrong. There is only one way for me to set the record straight. I am Green Arrow.

I found you in pieces you’d been torn apart
A million one reasons to end before you start
But deep down I knew
No matter what in the end, it would be me and you
                                                - BTSK, MS MR

For my CS Secret Survivor, lovescaptainswan! I can’t figure out how to schedule this for August 8th, so I’m just posting it before I leave for Africa. I hope you like it - I didn’t have a lot of time! I’ve really enjoyed talking to you for the past couple of months and I hope you have a great summer!

Going on a Hiatus

Hi guys! I’m leaving for Africa tomorrow afternoon, so I’m going to have no access to tumblr until mid-September. I haven’t exactly queued anything up, so there’ll be no new posts after midday tomorrow.

I hope you all have great summers, and enjoy all the OUAT spoilers and the nice weather, and reblog lots of pretty things!

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