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Love’s Looking Good On You, by Lady Antebellum

Blessings of the Sun


She loves wooly sweaters, leather jackets, scented candles, and cocoa, always cocoa. An afternoon curled up with a throw blanket and a book in front of a fireplace, that’s long been her idea of perfect, not that Saviors seem to get too many of those these days. 

Yes, Emma Swan has always loved warmth, going all the way back to a childhood in which she so often had to find and make her own. The comfort of it, the feeling of safety that came so easily with simply being warm, it had always soothed her. 

So almost freezing to death really wasn’t her thing. 

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The Hat and the Heart: Chapter 6

Title: The Hat and the Heart, 6/12

Fandom: OUAT

Word Count: ~5500

Rating: PG-13 / Teen

Summary: Sequel to ‘The Swan-Feather Cloak’

When Princess Emma makes another deal with Rumplestiltskin, Killian Jones vows to assist her, even if it means pulling an old friend out of retirement so he can accompany her to a new realm.

If only she would tell him exactly what the deal involves.

Notes: Hope you enjoy this chapter!

Thanks to rebellestiltskin for beta-ing!

Can also be read at ff.net or ao3

Or you can go from the beginning here


Chapter 6

It took Killian too long to react to the sight, the image of Milah collapsing searing through his mind, the thought of losing Emma the same way too much to bear. The green woman tightened her grip on Emma’s neck and it was Emma’s pained rasp of breath that jolted him back into action. He started to dash over to her, faster than he’d ever run before, but the woman - no, the witch - released Emma to flick a hand towards him, freezing him where he stood.

Emma collapsed to her knees, her hand rising to rub at the red finger-shaped marks staining her neck, her eyes locked on him. He tried to break out of the hold the witch had him in, determined to reach Emma’s side, but it was impossible. Emma looked as terrified as he did, her face white and her eyes wide. He had only felt this useless once in his life, trapped at the mast of his sail as the Dark One ripped the heart out of the woman he loved, and he knew he wouldn’t survive it happening again.

He knew in that moment that the witch wouldn’t survive either.

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